How EV Wise works

Charging as sustainably as possible at the most attractive price and with the lowest possible impact on the electricity grid. That’s what EV Wise offers in a nutshell: an all-in-one solution for smart charging points that charge as sustainably and cost-effectively as possible at exactly the right time.

The number of EVs in the Netherlands is growing rapidly. And this demands a lot of our power grid. Charging peaks occur in the morning and again in the early evening when EV drivers come home from work. Smart charging responds to this by spreading the demand for energy evenly throughout the day and night. That’s nothing new in itself, but it enables drivers to charge as sustainably and cost-effectively as possible. And that’s what makes EV Wise unique: we enable EV drivers to charge real-time green electricity at the lowest price and with the lightest load on the energy grid.

EV Wise offers an all-in-one solution for both smart charging points and smart charging hubs. Our services include advice, implementation, operation, maintenance and servicing, energy supply and financing of your smart charging solution. We can take care of everything involved in charging EVs sustainably and smartly for you. We make the initial investment so that you can continue to focus on your own core business.

The charging points do all the work.

At EV Wise we like to leave our EV drivers in peace as much as possible. So we don’t make them use an app in which they have to enter their needs and diary changes to find the right time to charge. Our charging points already know that. They work it out smartly based on past charging behaviour. So the battery is always charged long before the next journey. In a hurry? If need be, a charging session can be started straight away by scanning the QR code on the charging point.

We find the ideal charging solution for your situation in four steps.

You charge at the lowest rates – we do the rest.