Here at EV Wise, we do things just a little bit differently. Because we manage the entire value chain, we can provide our customers with highly innovative, tailor-made solutions. From supplying real-time renewable energy and hardware to managing, running and maintaining the smart charging operation, eliminating the financial risks and billing the electricity used.

We link demand and supply of green electricity intelligently using algorithms.

By predicting charging sessions, we make the process smart. We ask: How long can we postpone charging? Or: By when does the battery need to be recharged? And when is the right time to buy renewable energy? With EV Wise, it’s precisely at the intersection of these factors that you’ll charge green electricity at the lowest possible price while keeping the load on the power grid to a minimum.

We learn how long a charging session can be postponed by collecting and analysing data. This sheds light on the charging patterns of an EV or fleet, enabling us to work out the optimum charging profile. And every step of the way, we put the energy transition first. With our automated method of managing charging points, we charge EVs sustainably and smartly.

Forecasting, analysing, implementation, management and financing are all part of EV Wise’s total offering.